This website began when I wrote a book called Mexico with Heart, about the trip we took around Mexico in 2003, with lots of information worked into the story.

The book came out in 2004, and recently it got picked up by, along with some other books from, a place that prints books on demand as people order them.

So now you can get the book right from Amazon. Just click on the image.

Details: paperback, 112 pages, published 2004 by Hartworks, Inc.  ISBN 0-916289-33-8

You can also read most of the book online here: and actually the photos are better online… they are black and white in the book. But not everyone wants to read a book online!

Rosana Hart

What Others Say about the book, Mexico with Heart:

“I feel like I’ve traveled to Mexico.”
— Dave Bellefeuille-Rice, Olympia, Washington

“It is fascinating, easy reading, and very informative about the country, people and feelings.”
—Karma Smith, Ogden, Utah

” Well-written and a nice guide for potential visitors to Mexico.”
—George Sharpe, Silver Spring, MD