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In 2010, we moved back to the small town in Colorado that I never stopped missing while we lived in Mexico. Now I sometimes miss Mexico, but I wouldn't travel as freely as we did when we were there, camping out in remote areas and so forth.

Mexico today is in a period of change, and in many ways it is more dangerous now. That said, I have plenty of American friends who still live there very happily, just taking a few more precautions than they did in the past.

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Tripbase Blog Awards 2009

Tripbase Blog Awards 2009

May 7, 2006 — A reader recently emailed me these questions:

How do you find the crime where you live? Is there a lot or a little? Are the Americans “hit” more since people think they are rich?

I don’t think I am an expert on crime anywhere, but I’ll have a try at this anyway. As a general observation, in Mexico there is less crime against people than in the US and more crimes against property. The kind of random violence that occurs in the US is rare here. Domestic violence, unfortunately, does not seem to be rare, but you are unlikely to get tangled up in it.

There is a cultural difference between Latin countries and northern ones regarding physical things. In Latin cultures, if you own it, it is your responsibility to be sure it is secure. Quite a few of the stories I’ve heard here of theft from people’s homes were in circumstances where the door was unlocked and nobody home in midday or something like that.

When we were gone from here for a few days a while ago, someone reached into our locked side porch, which has open grillwork, and pilfered a few tools. I wrote about it at the time, and one of my readers emailed me that we should have gone and confronted the thief, since we knew who it was most likely to be.That would not have been a good idea, as it would have caused the fellow to lose face, and it is important not to do that. We were in the process of fencing our yard anyway, and we’ve had no further problems since then.

Are Americans more likely to be targets? I would guess that the answer to that is yes, if they seem wealthy. Or maybe if they are drunk. I did chat with an American man who had been robbed twice in the Lake Chapala area, and it came out gradually in the conversation that he had been drunk both times.

Kelly and I pick our times of day to cross the border or go to any area that might be at all rough.We feel generally safer in most parts of Mexico than in many parts of the US.

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Thank you for addressing my question. From my few visits down there, that is about how I figured it would be. I am looking forward to us moving down there.

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