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Reprieve: We are Still Living in Mexico
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A Quick Update

In 2010, we moved back to the small town in Colorado that I never stopped missing while we lived in Mexico. Now I sometimes miss Mexico, but I wouldn't travel as freely as we did when we were there, camping out in remote areas and so forth.

Mexico today is in a period of change, and in many ways it is more dangerous now. That said, I have plenty of American friends who still live there very happily, just taking a few more precautions than they did in the past.

Just to say!


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Tripbase Blog Awards 2009

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May 8, 2005 — We were going to leave our small town of Bernal, Mexico, today. We were planning to drive north to Texas, visit in New Mexico, and go on home to Colorado. We’ll still do all that, but later.

We have a reprieve.

It’s got two causes: we are in the midst of trying to get Mexican FM-3 visas so we can live here, and that is taking longer than expected. I’ve blogged about this.

Also, we have a young female cat who needs to be spayed. The veterinarian who was going to do it last week broke his hand. We will likely be going to another town, or at least we have the name of someone to phone there. But not tomorrow — May 10 is Mother’s Day, and while businesses and government offices are open, we’ve been told that employees are distracted, getting last minute little gifts, making restaurant reservations, calling their mothers and all the rest. Motherhood is big here.

Anyway, once the cat is spayed, we will stick around till she’s okay. Neighbors and friends will be feeding her, playing with her, and sometimes staying overnight. Taking her back to the US with us is possible in terms of government regulations — easier than people! — but with all we have to do, and the animals we have there, it is better to leave her here. I shed some tears over this, but am accepting it now. Misty will be a beacon to get us back here ASAP!

So it will be at least a week more, maybe two, here in Mexico. There are some frustrations in dealing with papers and cat. We feel a growing desire to go back to the house in Colorado that we called “home” to see how much we feel like it is home and how much Bernal has become home. Not to mention all sorts of things that are waiting for us to do, specially since we were originally going to be home in April.

“Now that we’re about to leave for a while, living in Mexico is beginning to seem normal,” Kelly said to me this afternoon. I had just succeeded in finding dental floss at a local pharmacy, waxed for me and unwaxed for Kelly, and these small shopping triumphs do make me more at home here.

We are generally enjoying our reprieve, savoring the view from our patio, the unexpected extra time with friends, and the sweet warm evenings here. It’s usually shirtsleeve weather till bedtime.

In looking for something else on the internet today, I came across a remark that moving is one of the most stressful things that people do. We are still at the stage of sort-of-moving, and yes, it is sort-of-stressful at times. Maybe that’s why a lot of people don’t live their dreams. But I know from other experiences that being true to our visions has led to some of the most satisfying parts of our lives.

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