Over severalĀ  months, my husband Kelly has been working with students at the nearby Ninos y Jovenes boarding school and with members of the Chapala Green group, along with other people who have turned up at times.

They’ve been creating a demonstration project for earthbag building, a method that Kelly used to build the house we had in Colorado. He and a friend of ours have a comprehensive website at:

Most of the students at this school are Huicholes, from poor rural areas, and the priest who runs this school was enthusiastic about the boys learning the method. The swine flu scare shut schools for weeks, and there have been some other events competing for the kids’ attention, but bit by bit the building is coming along:

Placing the Bags



To see all the pictures Kelly has put on flickr, go to:

There may well be photos there showing the project further along, as Kelly keeps updating that set.

The project has received good newspaper coverage. People are quite interested!