The Wednesday tianguis, or street market, in Ajijic is always fun. One day I took along my little flip video camera and made this program. Ajijic is the next town over from where we live, and is a real center of expat life. You get a bit of that flavor in the video.

Near the end, Kelly and our visiting friend Dave are chatting with a Mexican woman we know. Blanca and her husband Carlos come to our tianguis in San Juan Cosala on Tuesday mornings, after getting up around 3 AM to drive into the huge abastos market in Guadalajara, where produce and other food products are sold wholesale. Then they sell in Ajijic the next day. You can’t get produce any fresher than from Blanca and Carlos!

I think this captures the feeling of the Ajijic tianguis. It’s really quite an institution! You can buy all manner of things there. And you’ll hear English as well as Spanish in the background.

People sometimes complain that the gringos have taken over Ajijic. This video shows a more Mexican face, even with the bi-cultural aspects.