I first went to Mexico when I was nine. It was a rather harrowing trip, with my stepmother almost dying of typhoid and then of amebic dysentery, but I still loved Mexico.

After I married Kelly Hart, we roamed for four months all over Mexico and Guatemala in a small Ford van. That was in 1979.

About ten years later, we flew to Guadalajara and took a bus to Guanajuato, making two videos . Another trip took us to Mata Ortiz, a wonderful pottery town not far from the U.S.

The book Mexico with Heart is mainly about the six-week trip we made in January-March 2003. We came back in 2005 and lived in Bernal, Queretaro for several months. Early in 2006, we bought a home near Lake Chapala, and we are there a lot of the time.

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Rosana Hart

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