To me, knowing at least some Spanish is tremendously important for the best experience while traveling or living in Mexico. I DO have American friends here in Mexico who know very little Spanish, but to my mind, it’s well worth the effort to learn Spanish so you can converse —  and also for the added security if you have any kind of large or small emergency.

After living in Mexico for a couple of years, I become so interested in HOW to learn Spanish most effectively — especially if you are not so young — that I created a whole website on the topic: Learn Spanish Rapidly.
I also wrote a free ebook on how to learn:

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There are also  over 30 pages here on this website about learning the language: Check out the category list at

If you want to learn Spanish, whether it’s as a total beginner or brushing up on what you once learned, there are many tools to help you. There are books, in-person classes at local colleges and universities, and audio courses of various kinds… not to mention a vacation in a Spanish-speaking locale!

Audio Programs

A CD or set of MP3 files can be  terrific tools if you want to study on your own, or as part of a class. You can use them as you do chores around the house or in other situations where your full attention isn’t needed. (If you use them while driving, pick your times and places!)

CDs and MP3s are easy to use:

  • You can play at least one format in your car, most likely.
  • You can carry a portable player with you for those times of waiting that our lives always seem to have…
  • or to use when you are out for a walk or other exercise.
  • You can work them into your daily schedule.

They can help your Spanish a lot:

  • By hearing and repeating phrases, you learn pronunciation.
  • By the well-designed method of introducing a usage and then giving you variations on it, you learn it more naturally and likely more effectively than if you tried to memorize rules.

On my websites, I review different programs that sell audio format tools to help you learn Spanish.  As I mentioned above, my favorite is Rocket Spanish — that link takes you to my review of it on my site about learning the language.