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In 2010, we moved back to the small town in Colorado that I never stopped missing while we lived in Mexico. Now I sometimes miss Mexico, but I wouldn't travel as freely as we did when we were there, camping out in remote areas and so forth.

Mexico today is in a period of change, and in many ways it is more dangerous now. That said, I have plenty of American friends who still live there very happily, just taking a few more precautions than they did in the past.

Just to say!


Visit Expedia…

Expedia is my favorite place to book airfare, and they handle hotels, car rentals, cruises, etc. I like the organization of the site for figuring out what flights I want. Click on the suitcase to take a look.

I was very pleased to win an award for this blog! Even better for you: click through for lists of all sorts of award-winning travel blogs.

Tripbase Blog Awards 2009

Tripbase Blog Awards 2009

I’ve discovered an excellent resource to help you learn Spanish at home, in your car, or anywhere. The Rocket Spanish program says that you can be fluent in 3 months of practice — and of course, even if you don’t have 3 months till that trip to Mexico or wherever, you can make a lot of progress fast. One of the reasons is that it’s an enjoyable program but it also seems to be based on knowledge of how people learn Spanish.

To find out more, click on the image to go to the interesting Rocket Spanish website:

I was able to follow the welcoming talk in Spanish, which you can play on the homepage. That pleased me!

The 31 Interactive Audio Lessons come as mp3 files so it doesn’t matter what kind of computer you have, and you can play them on any mp3 player, not just on your computer.

Each of the lessons has supplemental materials so you’ll naturally pick up grammar, learn more Spanish vocabulary, and gain confidence.

I can’t think of a better way to learn Spanish while still living your regular life. Do take a look and see for yourself…

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